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When Austin Hebert began Good Earth Landscaping over 40 years ago, irrigation was unheard of in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area.  It was something only metropolitan areas utilized.  Besides, it rained plenty in the summer along the Gulf Coast.

As we now know, that has changed.

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Click the Photo Above to See More Photos of Our Irrigation Projects

Irrigation here in the Lake Charles area has become about as commonplace as landscaping itself.  As a matter of fact, most folks choose not to live without the added ease of beautification of their property by utilizing irrigation.  In short, irrigation is no longer just a  convenience, but has become a necessity if you have a large landscape or yard.  And, irrigation is very specialized — xeri scapes, pop-up sprays, rotors, drip, and bubblers.

With the many choices that Good Earth Landscaping offers in irrigation, ther is no excuse for your landscape not to prosper.